Reeperbahn Festival Collide

[Reeperbahn Festival Collide//Visuals for Ekkstacy//2022]

Different art forms come together and melt into a single unique performance – that’s the idea behind REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL COLLIDE. EKKSTACY takes reverb-drenched synths and vocals, the flat aesthetic and melodramatic tonality of the 80s, then turns it into something wholly unique. Marked by personal hardships and significant upheaval, the Canadian's 2021 debut album “Negative” has turned out to be a superbly arranged manifesto for our times, full of contradiction and inner turmoil.

A film by Reeperbahn Festival Collide Creative Direction & Visual Concept Timo Kreitz Motion Design Rebecca Zahor Set Photographer Dominik Friess MUSIC Ekkstacy Video production GmbH Production Coordinator &done media production GmbH Funded by Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien