Hyper Sensual Reality

[Hyper Sensual Reality//Fashion Installation//2021]

Using neurotechnology, in HYPER SENSUAL REALITY, the models become the interface between the digital and the physical world. Their brain waves are recorded by an EEG measuring device (Unicorn BI) and projected in real time as generative images in the installation. For each outfit a unique visual world has been created to recreate and underline the characteristics of the different pieces.

Concept & Creative Direction Timo Kreitz Producer Sabina Stöckler Line Producer/Casting Marie-Estelle Laudenbach Director Elias Ben Dahou Fashion Designer Maison Taskin Motion Design Sofie Hilt, Rebecca Zahor Technical Director Timo Müssig Title Design Samuel Lewek Director of Photography Sebastian Ganschow Models Frederike Eggers, Jakob Heß, Johanna Tesfai Editor Tim Plaster Grading Jonas Damm Music Patrick Kuhn Botelho VFX Benjamin Gätzschmann Production Design Katharina Kern Set Photography Marina Monaco