Dix meets Bix

[Dix meets Bix//Live Visuals based on paintings by Otto Dix//2022]

In collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, the Bix Jazzclub and the musician Nicolas Buvat, Otto Dix's triptychon "Großstadt" (1928) was brought to life and resampled in the event "Dix meets Bix". The band played 1920s- and Bix Beiderbecke-inspired compositions. Parallel to this, live visuals were shown that reinterpreted the painting and its figures and set digital accents to match the music.

Art Direction Samuel Lewek Animation Samuel Lewek, Tatjana Theuer, Leon Monschauer & Chantale Eglin Sculping & Texturing Rebecca Zahor Touchdesigner Setup Rebecca Zahor Music Nicolas Buvat, Samuel Restle, Elias Kiefer & Felix Eckenfelder