But they don´t know yet

[But they don´t know yet (Serenade), music video, 2022]

A fantastic space. A space that was there before and will always be there. We as creatives set ourselves up in it. Our space. Our things. A space where we spend time. Working. Living. Working. We feel comfortable in our space. It is a part of us. A place of retreat. A place to be ourselves. And a place for self-realisation. A rainy day. Dreary. Grey, nothing works. Without inspiration. Trying something out. Something different. Something different. And... it doesn't work again. Frustration. How does it look like when our familiar environment begins to influence our creative work? This is the question we ask ourselves in the music video *"But They Don't Know Yet (Serenade)"*. The energy of the space is made visible in the music video and begins to overwhelm the space and its objects. A colourful dance of forms floods the mind. Dream or reality? It doesn't matter. We tell the story of a fantastic space full of impulses from which new ideas can grow.... maybe *...but... They Don't Know Yet (Serenade).*

Motion Design & Director Rebecca Zahor Concept & Idea Rebecca Zahor, Massimiliano Laier, Lisa Wilhelm Production company Oh, boy! Quartett Lukas Wögler(Tenor Saxophon), Moritz Langmaier(Piano), Franz Blumenthal(Bass), Lisa Wilhelm(Drums & Composition) Mixing & Recording Lukas Lohner Mastering Christoph Stickel © 2023 BERTHOLD Records. Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.